Donald Waxman’s “Piano Pageants, Book 1A” Piano Play-Along: Post Four (Pages 24-35)

3Enjoyed chatting with you this week about Pages 24-35 via Periscope and Facebook Live.  Hurry and add your comment on each of the 3 sections of the book HERE so you’ll be entered in the FINAL GIVEAWAY on Tuesday, May 10.  *Comments are due by 8AM Central on May 10. I will announce the 3 winners that day at 10AM Central during the LIVE broadcast.  You don’t have to be present to win.

I hope you’ve enjoyed watching the blog posts in action via LIVE video.  Sure makes it easier than writing everything I want to say!

PDF Download IconThe PDF study guide for the video below is HERE. If you don’t have the book or PDF in front of you right now, it’s OK.  I play through each piece on the video and you can follow along easily.

I love how the pieces develop during this last stage of the book and include some good options for festivals, contests, and recitals.  Did I mention how much I like the titles?  They’re sophisticated without being too obscure and lend themselves to some teachable moments, too. What were your favorite pieces from this section of the book?  Be sure to mention them in the REPLY section below.

My students informed me that these were their favorites:
p. 24 – Balinese Serenade
p. 29 – Postcard from Italy
p. 32 – A Quiet Call at Night
p. 33 – Signals of the Mohawks
p. 34 – Etude
p. 35 – Pageantry

Definitely join us next week on the LIVE broadcast for a wrap-up of the Play-Along, final thoughts, and a little surprise announcement – Tuesday, May 10, at 10AM CENTRAL.   I would love for you to share your thoughts about the Pageants 1A book with other teachers on the broadcast, and please tell friends to come check it out.

Try to join us over on the Periscope app since it allows everyone to chat easily with each other, give hearts, etc. (the easy how-to is just below. ) We have such a nice community there, but I certainly understand if you prefer watching Facebook Live.  I appreciate your joining in from either platform!

Don’t have the book yet?  See below on how to order it at a discount.  Hurry, the discount ends on May 10!  You may order any quantity of Book 1A.

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5 Responses to Donald Waxman’s “Piano Pageants, Book 1A” Piano Play-Along: Post Four (Pages 24-35)

  1. Gabriele says:

    I have started using the book with two students. They are both in Level One Piano Adventures. So far the book has been successful is showing me how they can work out these pieces on their own. They are interested in the illustrations and I like that they spark conversation. Thank-you for walking me through the book.

  2. As a teacher, I would narrow down my favorite pieces from this session to “Afternoon Waltz”, “Little Prelude in G & F” and “Pageantry”. The Waltz, because it is so important to teach the balance between hands as early as possible and what better way than with a simple little waltz like this where both hands do not play at the same time. The Little Preludes, because the key signatures are introduced and actually used! So many times in primer books we either see no key signature or a key signature that isn’t actually needed. And, there are also accidentals! Pageantry, because it is just a fun graduation piece that seems to bring many concepts together and celebrate the end of a great journey. Thank you so much for this fun, detailed introduction to a wonderful primer book. You have given so many wonderful ideas to making it exciting and creative.

  3. Laurie Sorman says:

    This is my first play-along and I have loved it! I have two copies of the book – one for me and one for a future student. I have written notes all over mine. I especially like that you broke each piece down into details. It really improved my investigative skills and helped me see what was important and special about each piece. In this last section of the book, my favorites are “Afternoon Waltz”, “Etude”, and “Pageantry”. I suspect that my students might like “Signals of the Mohawks”. I’m excited to use this book with a student!

  4. Karen Lien says:

    My favorites are “Harlequin” and “A Quiet Call at Night.”
    I like over-the-bar phrasing and the echo effect in Harlequin. It will be so much fun to play this duet with the student.

    A Quiet Call at Night is a wonderful little piece to fine tune students’ listening ears and the slow-drop technique for pp sound.

  5. Julie I says:

    I’m excited to use this primarily as a supplemental reader for my students that need note reinforcement or remediation. I do like that it is a different modality than the typical approach, yes. The simplicity of the book, both in pictures and presentation of concepts, and the overall way the pieces “feel under the fingers,” make it a book I’m excited to share with students. I know they will enjoy the music offered in it. A nice little comprehensive book of music!

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