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This Read-Along was completed on Feb. 28, 2017.  REPLAYS for each discussion session will be posted here shortly.  Please visit facebook.com/pianoteachercamp to view them in the meantime.  Thanks to all who participated!

The JAN-FEB 2017 PIANO PLAY-ALONG is a READ-ALONG!  Our first ever.  Here’s what we’ll be reading:

Basic Principles in Pianoforte Playing

Are you ready to read-along with us?   Similar to “read-alongs” and “sew-alongs” on other blogs, this read-along is a community event bringing like-minded musicians together on the internet.  Are you in?

The “Basic Principles” by Josef Lhevinne is a informative, short paperback every piano teacher should own.  There are just 6 very concise chapters each dealing with a specific technical principle important to a thorough grounding in musicianship.  Lhevinne expands with discussion on the attainment of a beautiful tone, the varieties of tone, plus remarks on articulation, memorization, variety in practicing, and the pedal. There are also specific musical examples shown to present his points.

Lhevinne bases his principles on his  life-long experience in performance and teaching.  He was at the height of his career at the time (1971) and was Juilliard’s premier artist-teacher.  Throughout this career he trained many notable American pianists who later became concert artists and collegiate piano faculty at major U.S. conservatories and universities.  Chances are… YOU may have studied with someone who studied with Lhevinne, or his well-known wife and collaborator, Rosina.

The Plan: We’ll all read one short chapter per week and share our discoveries and findings with each other on Tuesdays, at 10AM Central, beginning on Jan. 10.  Broadcasts may be viewed on Periscope using your mobile phone or tablet (think of it as Free TV on your phone) or on Facebook LIVE (info just below on how to access both). NOTE:  If you’re reading this after Jan. 10, 2017 no worries!  You may jump in anytime and catch up by viewing the past broadcasts which I will post here on the blog or HERE on Facebook.

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Purchase a copy HERE if you don’t have one.  Copies may be available at your local public library or university library, but I encourage you to invest the $5.95 – well worth more than this!Basic Principles in Pianoforte PlayingBasic Principles in Pianoforte Playing

SCHEDULE: (subject to possible changes)

TUESDAY, Jan. 3 :  Begin reading Chapter 1.  At 10AM Central, I’ll host a LIVE broadcast via Periscope/FB Live with a short intro/discussion starter to get everyone going.  We’ll chat about the Preface and Lhevinne’s mission.  I may supply you with a pdf download for note-taking and points for discussion if I think it might help us all.  If you miss any broadcast, the replays will always be on the Facebook page here:  facebook.com/pianoteachercamp.

TUESDAY, Jan. 10:   Discussion of Chapter 1. Begin reading Chapter 2.  The video of the discussion will be posted here: facebook.com/pianoteachercamp.

TUESDAY, Jan 17:  Discussion of Chapter 2.  Begin reading Chapter 3.  The video of the discussion will be posted here: facebook.com/pianoteachercamp.

TUESDAY, Jan 24:   Discussion of Chapter 3. Begin reading Chapter 4. The video of the discussion will be posted here: facebook.com/pianoteachercamp.

TUESDAY, Jan. 31:   Discussion of Chapter 4. Begin reading Chapter 5. The video of the discussion will be posted here: facebook.com/pianoteachercamp.

TUESDAY, Feb 7:  Discussion of Chapter 5.  Begin reading Chapter 6.  The video of the discussion will be posted here: facebook.com/pianoteachercamp.

TUESDAY, Feb 14:   Discussion of Chapter 6 and FINAL WRAP UP.  The video of the discussion will be posted here: facebook.com/pianoteachercamp.

TUESDAY, Feb 21:   I’ll post a BLOG POST SUMMARY of all sessions and invite you to add your comments and take-aways at that time.

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