Donald Waxman’s “Piano Pageants, Book 1A” Piano Play-Along: Post Three (Pages 12-23)

2Here’s the Live Broadcast for this week’s discussion of Pages 12-23.  Thanks to all of you viewing the Replay here or on the Facebook pageThe PDF study guide for the video below is HERE. If you don’t have the book or PDF in front of you, it’s OK.  On this video I play through each piece so you can follow along easily. Scroll to 4:30 to get right to the content.

The pieces in this set became more substantial and less rudimentary, but that’s to be expected with a primer of progressive pieces. What were your favorites from this selection?  Please comment below in the REPLY section and add other observations, too.  Each comment earns you a ticket for the FINAL GIVEAWAY – 3 nice prizes mailed directly to you!  One comment per blog post is the max.

Recently 2 of my students selected these as their favorites:

p.12 – On the Pogo Stick

p.13 – Dropping and Reaching

p.14 – March with Drums

p. 20 – The Triphammer

p.22 – Is the Rain Letting Up?

p. 23 – Rascal

PDF Download IconHere’s the PDF download with the discussion points for Pages 24-35.  Just make a few quick notes in the margin of your book if you prefer.

Please do join us next week on the LIVE broadcast if you can – Tuesday, May 3, at 10AM CENTRAL.  Try to join us over on the Periscope app since it allows everyone to chat easily with each other, give hearts, etc. (the easy how-to is just below. ) We have such a nice community there, but I certainly understand if you prefer watching Facebook Live.  I appreciate your joining in from either platform!

Don’t have the book yet?  See below on how to order it at a discount. I’ve heard that orders arrive quickly.

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6 Responses to Donald Waxman’s “Piano Pageants, Book 1A” Piano Play-Along: Post Three (Pages 12-23)

  1. Karen Lien says:

    There are so many favorites! If I have to choose one, it would be “Dropping and Reaching” because
    1. the contrast between staccato and legato
    2. the juxtaposition between the reaching note F# and F
    3. the story behind of the pice – the imagery of the bird playing and dropping the ball
    Also, I love that you played through the pieces for us. It is so true that teacher’s modeling is worth a thousand words. Thank you so much.

    • Elizabeth says:

      Thanks, Karen! Glad you had many favorites and I agree, “Dropping and Reaching” make some good points and really get kids thinking.

  2. Chris says:

    I liked this set of pieces better than the first set, personally. The harmonies are interesting, and I like how he sometimes ends on the dominant in several of the songs. They are creative, and the pictures correspond very well with the theme of each song.

  3. As I was looking at the pictures and listening to the pieces being played, I found myself thinking back to when I was a little child first learning the piano and in my little primer book. I can still remember my first piece in the John Thompson book. I remember vividly the pictures and how I used to study them and wonder what was going on. I do think the students would enjoy the pictures and the sounds of the pieces. Some of the titles would definitely need to be explained by an adult. I found myself a bit sad by the fox and his capture of the rooster. Yes! That rascal! My favorite piece as a teacher perhaps would be, Confetti. It has so many different elements to teach and explore – staccato, legato, rests, contrary motion, diads, different note values. It seems to be a piece that brings it all together, a good review piece. I can’t wait to see what comes next in this book!

  4. Gabriele says:

    As a secondary resource these books will give my students a fresh perspective.

  5. Laurie Sorman says:

    My favorite part about this play-along is how you are bringing the songs to life through the telling of a story. I found myself investigating a triphammer to get more information about what it is and what it is used for! I think telling a little story with each piece would also pique the students’ interest and imagination!

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