New PLAY-ALONG for JUNE – Cast Your Vote!

11233584_1629948270575000_6855710208367958764_oThe theme for our Piano Play-Along beginning in June 2015 will be “GET IN SHAPE!”  We’ll all practice a certain intermediate-level piece or étude for 2 weeks and then we’ll all share our discoveries and findings, and then we move on to another piece for 2 weeks, etc.  We’ll get our piano technique in good shape while intensely studying a well-regarded teaching piece.  Sound good?  The 2-week period allows everyone ample opportunity to work around vacation schedules, summer camps, etc.

Of the 5 pieces below, with which would you like to start? (for June 1 thru June 15)
1. Burgmuller’s Arabesque Op. 100/2

2. Burgmuller’s Ballade Op. 100/15

3. Heller’s L’Avalanche Op. 45/2

4. Benda’s Sonatina in A minor

5. CPE Bach’s Solfeggio in C minor.

Are you in?  Let me know by replying in the comments below and cast your vote for your preferred study piece.  I’ll reveal the winning choice tomorrow!


9 Responses to New PLAY-ALONG for JUNE – Cast Your Vote!

  1. Marilyn Brennan says:

    CPE Bach Solfeggio

  2. Kathy Williamson says:

    Benda’s Sonatina in C minor

  3. Beth Marquardt says:


  4. Nancy Wang says:

    I already voted on Facebook, but–I vote for the Heller. Thank you!!

  5. Tana says:

    Benda’s Sonatina

  6. Cheryl Lake says:

    I just found this while checking through Susan Paradis’ site. I am planning to work on this piece.

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